ST. CLOUD -- As we get closer and closer to Super Bowl Sunday more security is needed in and around downtown Minneapolis. The St. Cloud Police Department is one of many agencies around the state that has signed on to help with security.

Assistant Police Chief Jeff Oxton says St. Cloud will have six officers in Minneapolis Wednesday through Saturday, and eight officers there on Sunday.

We're really excited about it.  It gives our officers a great chance to be a part of a really big event and see how that is done.  See all the planning and procedures that go into providing security at an event that size.

Oxton says each day St. Cloud PD will have two sergeants, and the rest will be officers, helping with security.  However, he says he can't talk specifics about what their duties will be.

You can't have fun at an event if you don't feel safe.  That's the essence of our profession. Otherwise, we can't provide the details, that's just part of our agreement.

It is considered extra duty for the officers, so the number of police officers on duty in St. Cloud will not be impacted. St. Cloud will be reimbursed for the officers' time.