UNDATED -- A St. Cloud native was the subject of a scathing report on the CBS news show "60 Minutes" on Sunday.

Greg Mortenson is the author of the book "Three Cups Of Tea", among many other books.  His charitable organization - Central Asia Instititute -  is also behind the "Pennies For Peace" program, which more than 100 schools and groups in Minnesota, and more than 5,000 nationwide, have help raise money.

Proceeds from the books and pennies are suppose to go towards building schools in Afghanistan and other Central Asia countries.  However, the 60 Minutes report accuses Mortenson of lying about where all of the money is going.

Mortenson's biography says he was born in St. Cloud on December 27th, 1957 to Lutheran missionary parents.  However, he spent most of his youth in Tanzania.  His family moved back to Minnesota in 1970 and he graduated from Roseville High School.

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