UNDATED - The St. Cloud Municipal Band continued its goodwill trip overseas with a performance in Salzburg, Austria.

A joint concert was held on Wednesday night between the St. Cloud Municipal Band's Dixieland Combo, the Mississippi River Cats and the Zell Brass.

The Zell brass played tunes like "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" and the theme from the A-Team. The Mississippi River Cats played tunes like "Basin Street Blues" and "When The Saints Come Marching In".

Band Spokesman Paul Habstritt says it was a successful show for the group.

"We all had a great time and both bands received a great reception from all in attendance," Habstritt says.

The band will leave for Italy on Thursday. The band will then make their final stops in Verona and Venice.

The St. Cloud Municipal Band is in its 127th year.


Photo: Paul Habstritt
Photo: Paul Habstritt
Photo: Paul Habstritt