SAUK RAPIDS - The "Hoversled" is making its debut this week at the Benton County Fair. It's an invention by Steven Sohlstrom of St. Cloud.

He describes it as the world's first battery-powered, purpose-built, ultralight, practical and portable hovercraft. It glides over any smooth hard surface and is propelled by gravity, such as a sledding hill. The sled can lift up to 170 pounds.

Initially it will be priced comparably to a snowboard.

Sohlstrom was inspired to create the Hoversled by the speederbikes in "Star Wars" and the hoverboard in "Back to the Future".

Look for Sohlstrom, and the Hoversled, all week at the Benton County Fair in Sauk Rapids.

Hoversled Racing, Photo courtesy of Steven Sohlstrom