ST. CLOUD - A landmark hotel here in St. Cloud has a new owner. The Holiday Inn & Suites has been bought by Sand Hospitality based in Waite Park.

Vice President Scott Krause says, when the hotel went on the market, it made sense for them to buy it.

When we looked at it we thought it would be a great opportunity to have not only because of the location, but because of the business model.  The business they have here with families, weddings, the meeting space....And, we're based in Waite Park and the property being in St. Cloud, we thought it would be a good fit.

Krause says they'll be meeting with IHG, which is the brand that has the Holiday Inn name, later this month. He says they'll be discussing the brand standards and talking about potential upgrades throughout the hotel.  He says they definitely plan to keep it a Holiday Inn.

Krause says it's important to them to carry on the Dick and Dean Anderson legacy.

That was one of the big things that we looked at and why this was so enticing to us and why we went through with the purchase is because of the legacy and because of the tradition.

Sand Hospitality also owns the two Country Inn & Suites here in the St. Cloud metro area.