ST. CLOUD -- With winter approaching, the city of St. Cloud has some reminders for you as we prepare for the snow.

First, make sure your mailbox is sturdy. Check for cracked boards, missing screws and ensure the post is firmly secured. If your mailbox collapses under the weight of snow, the city is not responsible for repairing it.

Remember all sidewalks need to be cleared of snow and ice 24 hours after a snow event. If there's an inch or more of snow or ice, it must be removed or will be removed by the city at a charge of about $100.

Plow drivers will be out during a snowfall, but there may be some delays this year because of tighter budgets and staff shortages. Exercise patience. All of the roads and alleys will get plowed as soon as possible.

Remember it is illegal to put any snow from your property onto any city street or alley.

And, if you have your garbage picked up the next day, make sure not to place your refuse and recycling during a snow event. Instead, put them out no earlier than 6:00 a.m. to ensure they don't get covered by snow or tipped over into your yard.