ST. CLOUD - A group from St. Cloud is running across Minnesota to raise money to help refugees in Southeast Asia.

Around 14 people will leave from Fargo as a group on Friday and are expecting to finish the journey in Winona by July 5th. Runners will take shifts through the trip, each member is expecting to run around 15 miles a day.

Nicole Grant is part of the group and says they are raising money to provide meals for refugees and oppressed people in need.

"These meals also help secure their families where they don't have to give their daughters away to prostitution. That's what a lot of these families do, they give their children away to raise more money to get food."

The group has been training for the long run for months. Kenzie Moehle says she loves running, but the cause is what helps motivate her to put in the extra miles.

"Just having the mindset of why we're doing this, it helps me get through my training. I've been trying to run five miles twice a day sometimes."

Wyatt Elgard is also part of the group and says they are particularly looking forward to running through St. Cloud.

"We've talked to a lot of people and we're expecting when we run through St. Cloud that there's going to be quite a few people here cheering us on."

The group is running with the Venture Expeditions organization, which partners with local churches and organizations to provide education, food, security and bible training for refugees. To make a donation, you can visit their website.