ST. CLOUD -- Local employers looking to diversify their workforce have an opportunity to learn more about the different cultures we have in St. Cloud.

The St. Cloud Area Immigrant Employment Connection Group is holding a training session Monday, highlighting the Latino community.

Tammy Biery is the Executive Director at Career Solutions. She says the training was designed to better help employers at job fairs.

"These were designed to support employers so they could come to these job fairs and be more successful in hiring and showing them how to tap into another population available for the workforce."

Throughout the course, different speakers will address key topics employers will face.

Biery says the class is an introduction to effective strategies for employers interested in hiring and retaining Latino employees.

"You learn their communication styles, work ethics, health disparities, their laws and values, all of these are different than say the Somali population."

The class cost $25 per employer and runs from 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. at Resource Training and Solutions in Sartell.

The Immigrant Employment Connection Group started back in 2015. Biery says they will have a Somali Cultural Training session in November.