ST. CLOUD -- A local physician is retiring after 41 years in practice.

Dr. Leland Lindquist has worked with St. Cloud Hospital since 1973, and has seen many changes over his career.

He says the change in society stands out the most.

"It was a very different time. There were no women physicians and no such thing as a male nurse," says Lindquist.

Medicine and technology also grew over his time at the hospital. He says that St. Cloud Hospital was the first ever surgical center.

"The biggest surgery then was stomach surgery and it was either cutting out a portion of the stomach or rerouting the stomach," says Lindquist.

Major surgeries would require you to spend up to three weeks in the hospital for a simple procedure today.

As for what the next 40 years in the medical field has to offer, Lindquist says he doesn't know, but we continue to make great strides.

"They keep saying that the human G-Nome will be developed, available and inexpensive," says Lindquist. "It seems like Star Wars kind of stuff but some was some of today's ideas back then."

Lindquist says he has enjoyed his time working at the hospital and clinic.

His best advice to anyone coming into the medical field is to have fun, be a blessing for your patients and surround yourself with great people.

"I'm very thankful for the people I was able to work with, and I wouldn't have been here for 41 years if I didn't enjoy it.

Lindquist's last day with CentraCare is tomorrow (Wednesday).


Dr. Lindquist talks about how the medical field has changed over his 40 plus years. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News).