ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud couple is charged with sex trafficking after a woman went to a neighbor's house asking for help.

Stearns County prosecutors have charged 37-year-old Jade Orcena and 26-year-old Elijah Milsap with four felony counts of sex trafficking.

According to the criminal complaint, a woman went to a neighbor's home on Tuesday, frantically asking for the owner to call police. She indicated she had been trafficked for sex at a nearby home and that another woman was still inside that house.

Police went to the home of Orcena and Milsap at 123 18th Avenue North and found the second woman inside.

The adult women gave separate statements to police describing how they left a treatment facility in another county and were brought to the home by Milsap. They say they were given food and drugs and provided sex for money to male clients. They accuse Milsap of taking all of the money and Orcena of providing them clothes, coaching them on posing for sexual photographs and directions on how to act to get money for sex.

Milsap is also accused of hitting the women in the face when they weren't getting enough customers.  The criminal complaint shows Orcena told investigators she was aware of the sex trafficking and that it took place at her home.

The couple is being held in the Stearns County Jail awaiting their next court hearing.

Orcena is the owner of Jade's Grooming operated of the same residence.