ST. CLOUD - Ask anyone who has driven across St. Cloud and they'll probably tell you they think the town has too many traffic lights. Good news for you is that there soon will be one less street light.

The city council voted Monday for the removal of the light at the intersection of 12th Avenue and West St. Germain Street, next to the St. Cloud Public Library.

A study done in 2014 determined a signal at that intersection wasn't necessary anymore. In 2008 MnDOT installed a median on Highway 23, making 12th Avenue no longer a through street. The current traffic signal was installed in 1978.

The cost to remove the signal at that intersection nearly $18,000.  City officials say the cost to remove the light is less than it would be for ongoing maintenance of the signal.

The light will be replaced with an all-way stop.  Officials say the all-way stop is safer for pedestrians.