ST. CLOUD - St. Cloud residents will have a chance to weigh-in on the idea of a temporary rental house moratorium.  The city council is holding a public hearing on the issue during their regular meeting tomorrow (Monday) night.

The issue came about after the St. Cloud Neighborhood Coalition Board asked the city to adopt an interim ordinance prohibiting further rental conversion of single-family homes.  Minnesota law allows an interim ordinance be adopted for a period of one-year, if the city has authorized or is conducting an update of its comprehensive plan or amendment of its land use regulations.

St. Cloud received 24 single-family rental license applications during the month of July. Another five applications have been received in the first week of August. Monthly applications have ranged from 16 to 33 during the last four months. City staff have not been able to determine if any specific applications are the result of the moratorium discussions. But, staff have received a number of calls asking about the implications of a moratorium on home sales.

The St. Cloud city council last adopted a nine-month interim ordinance in December, 2005.