ST. CLOUD - The Press Bar and Parlor could have new owners in the next few days. The city council will consider a request for the transfer of the liquor license during their meeting tonight (Monday).

Andy and Jessie Welsh of St. Joseph are planning to buy the bar from longtime owners Jim Gillespie and Greg Payne. They've owned the bar since 1974. They remodeled the upstairs from apartments into a pool hall and named it "The Parlor".

There have only been three other owners of the Press, which has been at the corner of 5th Avenue and St. Germain Street since 1942.

Gillespie says, if the liquor license transfer is approved, the sale of the bar could be finalized tomorrow (Tuesday) or Wednesday.

The liquor license application by the Welsh's says "No significant changes in the nature of the operations or the building itself are being planned by the new owners."

The St. Cloud Heritage Preservation Committee does have a renovation concept plan for the building at 502 St. Germain Street. Some of the suggested upgrades include: installing large windows along both 5th Avenue and St. Germain Street, removing the current awnings and replacing them with ones that are more compatible with the area, and painting the building with more "warm" colors.

Community Development Director Matt Glaesman says "the drawings are just suggestions intended to inform and inspire reinvestment."  The new owners would not be obligated to make the changes.

HPC designs for Press Bar, image courtesy of the city of St. Cloud.