ST. CLOUD -- After a public hearing the St. Cloud City Council approved changes to two ordinances involving liquor sales tonight (Monday).

With a vote count of five to one the council approved an amendment to an ordinance that requires bars to seperate people 21 years and older from those that are under the legal drinking age.

The exception to the amendment would be for entertainment establishments like bowling allies and family oriented places.

Community members and bar owners spoke out in both opposition and support to the Underage Presence in Licensed Premises amendment.

Biology 701 co-owner, Charles Severson says the ordinance would stop 18 to 20 year olds from going to his bar and the alternative would be house parties.

St. Cloud Police Chief, Blair Anderson says bars that allow 18 and older crowds require extra police enforcement. He added that having a separation would make it easier to spot underage drinking.

In addition, the council unanimously approved the "Penalties for Violations" amendment which suspends or revokes a liquor license if a bar gets three strikes against them. T

his would include serving alcohol to a minor and allowing underage people to be present in an area where liquor is being served.

The council put a one year sunset on the ordinance. They will revisit the topic at a later date.