ST. CLOUD - The St. Cloud city council has approved an action plan to crack down on problem rental properties. The action plan was put together by a task force that was formed late last year.

They reviewed several areas including: enforcement of existing codes, strengthening nuisance ordinances, increasing landlord responsibilities, strengthening zoning ordinances, and the development of assistance programs.

Council member George Hontos says it's now up to the city to make sure property owners follow the rules.

We have enough tools in the toolbox and it's time for everybody to perform. And, a commitment to enforce the ordinances to the fullest extent is on the backs of the administration to come through. We just have to enforce our ordinances, that's the bottom line.

The task force is planning on meeting again early next year to see if progress is being made.

It's made up of community members for various organizations including: The St. Cloud Neighborhood Coalition, St. Cloud Area Association of Realtors, and St. Cloud State University.