ST. CLOUD - Its been a year since St. Cloud Cathedral started a fundraising campaign for a new building, and they're well over half way toward their goal. President Mike Mullin says they've raised over $9.3 million toward their $16.5 million goal.

He says they're looking to build a two or three story building.

In between what some people call our Central Building and our gymnasium. Specifically it's at the corner of 4th Street and 7th Avenue North. There used to be a school building there built in 1914. It was torn down in 1982.

Mullin says Cathedral is hoping to reach their fundraising goal in the next six months.

He says the new building will be an addition to their existing buildings, and they won't be tearing down any buildings.  He says Cathedral needs a more modern facility.

We're building a structure that will completely renovate and update our science labs, technology, 21st century learning spaces, the arts, and of course our Catholic identity.

He says they're also anticipating some enrollment growth at Cathedral. This year they have 658 students in grades 7 through 12, with a goal of growing that number to 818 students.