ST. CLOUD - The St. Cloud city attorney has accused Charter Communications of violating its franchise agreement.

Matt Staehling says the cable company moved the government access channels - or PEG channels - without first getting approval from the city. Those channels include WJON's Channel 20, which is now 189, among others.

Channel 12 was moved to Channel 180
Channel 19 (City) was moved to Channel 181
Channel 6 (District 742) was moved to Channel 187
Channel 21 (SCSU) was moved to Channel 188
Channel 20 (WJON) was moved to Channel 189

Charter requested permission to move the channels back in March as part of their conversion to digital. At that time the city refused, but was willing to discuss the issue in the context of the greater franchise renewal process. In June the city again notified Charter that it opposed the relocation of the PEG channels, but remained open to discussions about a franchise renewal and their delinquent franchise and PEG fees. A joint meeting in August did not result in an agreement. On August 26th Charter went ahead with the move.

During Monday night's city council meeting, the council will talk about what their options are moving forward.