ST. JOSEPH -- The largest financial donation in the history of the College of St. Benedict has been given to the institution.

An anonymous donor has given $10 million to the school to create the Center for Ethical Leadership in Action.

The center will be designed to give students a hands on learning experience including service learning, internship opportunities, study abroad opportunities, and fellowships. President Mary Dana Hinton says in a video statement, the donation will help support students financially to enter these programs.

"The new Center for Ethical Leadership in Action will have the resources to offer stipends to students for whom these opportunities would otherwise be out of reach."

The center will also have a mentoring program and host regular speakers.

Hinton says the donation will not only go toward benefiting current St. Ben's students but future ones as well.

"We are overwhelmed by the generosity of this exceptional gift and extremely grateful for the donors who share our vision, to make these transformative experiences available for current and future St. Ben's women."

Stipends for the different programs offered through the center are expected to be awarded by next year.

To see Hinton's full video statement click here.