ST. JOSEPH --The Light The Torch exhibit at the College Of St. Benedict displays the history of their female leaders that have shaped the community since 1913.

It was named after a long standing Benediction tradition of passing the torch of learning from the school's leaders to the incoming student body.

This year marks St. Ben's centenial year since being founded, which is why exhibit creators chose this theme.

St. Bens hosts about one major gallery display each year. Museum Director, Sister Moira Wild says there is so much planning and research that they usually only have time for one major exhibit. They are currently working on next year's feature.

She says this exhibit was challenging because they had to find pictures and artifacts from the early 20th Century which wasn't easy.

You can see a mock dorm-room display which contains a bed, night stand and draw curtain for privacy. Wild says alumni have commented on how small the beds used to be.

The display captures the traditions and values that the school has had since the early 20th Century in terms of culture and learning and highlights the history of the Order of The Sisters of St. Benedict.

The display goes from now until mid-December.

See a video of the display below.