ST. AUGUSTA -- A St. Augusta man -- and his mom -- have been arrested for allegedly fighting with a Sheriff's Deputy.

The Sheriff's Department received a call about an ATV on the caller's property just before 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

The responding deputy spotted the ATV and followed it to a nearby home.  The driver of the ATV went inside the home and refused to come out, instead he stood behind his mom in the open door and shouted obscenities at the deputy.  When the deputy tried to impound the ATV, 18-year-old Ryan Kellen came out of the house and tried to stop him.  Kellen then ran from the deputy and threw a lawn chair at him.  While the deputy was placing Kellen under arrest, 43-year-old Melody Kellen also came out of the house and got involved in the altercation.

Ryan Kellen is facing a variety of charges.

Melody Kellen was booked and released for obstructing the legal process.