ST. AUGUSTA -- The city of St. Augusta is developing guidelines for liquor license violations after two failed compliance checks in recent months.

According to records provided by the city, the St. Augusta Mini-Serv failed a compliance check for the third time in 18 months. The most recent violation occurred in January of this year. St. Augusta Legion also failed a compliance check in January, the second violation in a four month span.

City Council members will discuss the most recent incidents at their meeting Tuesday, and look to adopt a schedule of fines and/or license suspensions based on the frequency of violations within a 36 month period.

The recommendations are a $500 fine for a first violation, $1,000 fine for a second violation, $1,500 fine and two-day license suspension for a third violation and $2,000 fine plus license suspension of between five days and 60 days, or license revocation as determined by the City Council.