ST. CLOUD - A Southeast St. Cloud home that was raided by police last month has tested positive for methamphetamine. St. Cloud Assistant Health Director Matt O'Brien says the home at 934 Longview Drive has been declared a public health nuisance, and the property owner has 10 days to clean the meth residue.

At this point the testing has been done by the owner, but they haven't made any plans for cleaning it up.  So, because of that, we have decided just to keep the property boarded from top to bottom and make sure no one is allowed inside.

O'Brien says the city has the ability to clean the home, and bill the property owner, if necessary. It is a contract for deed home, and both property owners are liable to clean it up.

He says the property testing revealed that no areas in the home were so badly contaminated that they couldn't be cleaned and livable again.

O'Brien says this is the first meth lab clean-up in St. Cloud since 2013.

Photo by's Alex Svejkovsky