WATKINS -- Retailers who sell plows, snowblowers and snowmobiles are once again feeling the pinch thanks to a lack of snow. Mies Outland co-owner Jeff Mies says it's been another tough season for snowmobile sales.

Mies says when you have multiple winters without ample snow, the inventory starts to build up and the machines start to age. However, he says they're still hopeful we can get some rideable snow in the coming weeks before the season ends.

Mies says buyers also know it can be a good time to get into a new sled...

It's an interesting thing what happens when we don't get snow like this.  You would think that snowmobile sales would completely stop, and if I look back, historically they generally don't.  Manufacturers come with some really, really enticing rebates and what we'll find sometimes is, you know maybe we'll get a little bit of snow and then with these rebates we'll get a pretty dang good early spring rush.

One of the growing product lines is long-track snowmobiles generally used to ride in mountains where the snow is deep.  The longer tracks are needed to keep the machine on top of the snow.  Mies says your typical trail sled still controls the market share, but mountain sleds are a growing part of the industry.  He says people will buy the machines here and haul them west to where they can find deep powder.

Mies says being diversified in their product lines has certainly helped them get through snowless winters.  In addition to Polaris brand products, Mies also sells John Deere and Indian motorcycles.  He adds, having a second location has helped reach more customers. Mies bought the St. Cloud Bristow's dealership in 2016.