ST. CLOUD -- Over a thousand skiers and snowboarders headed to Halenbeck Hall on the SCSU campus for the annual Winter Ski/Sports Swap today.

Dave Bacharach, Director of the Human Performance Lab at SCSU, has been involved with the swap for ten years.

Bacharach says that it is easy for people to sell at the swap - they basically just have to show up on time.

The total sales of the swap, Bacharach says, are generally between $1,000 and $2,000, with 10% going to local ski teams.

Bacharach says seeing interest in the sport grow in the kids who come to the swap is one of his his favorite aspects of the event.

With the recent snowfall, Bacharach says people are ready to get outside and ski.

"The early [snow] gets people thinking about skiing and opportunities to be outside in the winter in Minnesota," Bacharach says.