ST. CLOUD - Cats and coffee may sound like an odd combination to some, but "cat cafes" are rapidly growing in popularity, bringing up an important question: should St. Cloud get one?

A cat cafe is a place where patrons buy hot drinks/food and hang out with cats available in a seperate room. The cats are usually provided by nearby shelters and are available for adoption. Vicki Davis, the executive director with the St. Cloud Tri-County Humane Society says she would fully support having one in town.

"It's a place for people to go have a cup of coffee, work on their laptop and hang out with these cats. It introduces people to how charming cats can be and hopefully some will want to take them home."

Davis says they have plenty of cats and would be more than willing to provide some for a cat cafe. The concept originally started in Taiwan and Japan (of course) and expanded into California last year. There are now nearly two dozen in the United States.

The separation of cats and food service areas is required under city rules for cat cafes. St. Cloud health director Lisa Schreifels says there's no current plan to bring one to town, but the city would be open to the idea, so long as health codes are followed.

"We would likely allow it, however no animals are allowed in the food service areas. That would need to be in a seperate room. There would certainly be a plan review process and animal permit."

A cat cafe is likely on the way for Minnesota. A group has a kickstarter campaign for the "Cafe Meow" which they hope to launch in Minneapolis late next year.

What do you think of the idea?-Vote below! Should St. Cloud get a cat cafe?