UNDATED -- Severe Weather Awareness Week continues today with the topics of spring flooding and flash flooding.

Flooding can happen from overflowing rivers, lakes and streams in Minnesota. The National Weather Service can issue flood and flash flood watches and warnings during times of heavy snowfall or rainfall.

It's important to pay attention to your local radio and television station for flood updates. The Stearns County Emergency Management Department suggests that you keep an emergency disaster supplies kit that includes sand bags, plastic sheeting, plywood and lumber.

You're advised to never drive over a flooded road, even if it is only a few inches of water. After a flood you should contact your insurance agent and evaluate any structural damage done to your home or business.

You should also open the doors and windows to let out any gas buildup. Use a battery powered flashlight and turn your utilities and electrical systems off in case of gas buildup.

Make sure you avoid drinking from your tap water until it has been properly tested. Any fresh food that has been in contact with flood water should be thrown away.

You can find out if your home or business is at risk of a flooding by contacting the Stearns County Environmental Services Department for flood maps.

Tomorrow's topic is how to prepare for a tornado.