COLD SPRING - Our All-Star Student of the Week is not only serving on the ROCORI high school student senate, but Lisa Volkers is also on the Central Lakes Conference Executive Board as the treasurer.

Lisa Volkers
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

"I like leading and helping others. I like to help out the school a lot, and I thought student council would be great for me," says Lisa, but she felt she could do more to help her school. "We went to a convention last year and I thought it was pretty cool for them to be able to set up, and organize so much. So I decided I wanted to try it (CLC Executive Board), and I got on."

Lisa is a sophomore at ROCORI. Her drive to help the student body is why she's getting involved early. ROCORI student senate advisor Brian Herrig says Lisa's hard working attitude helps her along.

"Ever since she's started, she's been the student that pretty much does everything for us," says Herrig, "If there's something that not very many people want to do she's the person that really pushes herself to actually do it."

The Central Lakes Conference Executive Board has representatives from all schools that are part of the CLC. The board is in charge of setting up conventions for the schools to get together sharing ideas, and stories about what all the student councils are doing to make their schools a better place.

Lisa, serving as the treasurer, helps make sure the conventions go off without a hitch. She says one of her favorite parts are the conventions.

I think it's mostly meeting new people. You meet a lot of people especially on the conference when you're at conventions and stuff.

Lisa Volkers
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

Herrig says Lisa is continuing ROCORI's presence on the CLC Executive Board. In his three years as advisor, he's had a student on the board every year.

He says, "It's kind of inspiring for me because it kind of shows that we are actually doing something right. Instead of just staying in our school, they (the students) want to reach out to other schools, and make our school a better place as well."

Lisa says she plans on continuing her work both on the ROCORI student senate,and the CLC Executive Board.

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