ST. PAUL -- St. Cloud State Senator John Pederson was one of the Senators who voted in favor of lifting a ban on new nuclear power plants.

The bill passed 50-14 yesterday (Wednesday).

Pederson says the vote doesn't mean there will definitely be more nuclear plants built in the state, it just gives the Public Utilities Commission the option.

The bill has not been voted on in the House yet.  And Governor Dayton hasn't given a clear indication on whether he'd sign the bill into law.

Minnesota currently has two nuclear plants -- one in Monticello and one in Red Wing.

Bill to make $1 billion in cuts:
The State Senate is scheduled to vote on a bill that would trim $1 billion from the state's budget deficit.  Pederson is a co-author of the bill.

The House passed their version of this bill on a close vote last week.  The bill basically extends the cuts that were agreed on between last year's State Legislature and Governor Pawlenty.

If the Senate passes it today (Thursday), it would go to a conference committee to work out the differences in the two bills, before going to the Governor's desk for his signature or veto.

Bill for alternative teacher licensure:
The senate is also expected to vote on the alternative teacher licensure issue today (Thursday) as well.