Minnesota Winters mean different things to different people.
We can either stay inside and turn into various vegetables, or we can go outside and be ALIVE.
Learn how to snowshoe, ski, look for animal signs in the snow, make a snow fort (when was the last time you did THAT?!?!), or even have a snowball fight!
For the more adventerous, winter camping is a great way to test your limits.
No bugs, you can eat like a king (after all, you have to burn extra calories to keep warm) everything that would like to have YOU for dinner is hibernating.
Sure the neighbors will think you've finally lost your mind, but deep down, they'll be jealous, because YOU are doing something they wish THEY were doing.
The New Year is still fresh, so make a new habit: Go outside and PLAY!
I have the chance to catch a few panfish with Jerry Carlson this afternoon; We'll tell you all about it tomorrow.
See you on the radio -