ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud State University's fall production of Ghost Sonata takes center stage this week.

The play is about a student who encounters a group of mysterious people who live together in the early 1900s. The student is tricked by main character Director Hummel to be a part of a strange household.

Tyler Haugen plays main character Director Hummel who has an age-old grudge and seeks revenge for his lost love.

Haugen says the people who live in the strange house are creepy, "the people in there are rotting away on the inside because of their social interaction."

Isabel Pone plays main character, Amalia. She says things aren't always what they seem, "I've never been in a show where the set is broken up into three different parts. You're looking at a show that is way more interactive."

The audience will be part of the set as the characters come to life on stage. The stage is broken up into three parts requiring you to move around during the production.

The show runs now through October 27th. Tickets are on-sale now at St. Cloud State.

See a video sneak peak of Ghost Sonata below.

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