ST. CLOUD - A group of St. Cloud State University students plan to be a part of a protest coming to Minnesota on Friday.

The movement called "Occupy Wallstreet" has been going on for over three weeks now.  The group called "Occupy Minnesota" is encouraging supporters to gather at 9:00 a.m. on Friday at the Hennepin County Government Center.

SCSU student Casey Anderson is the Co-President of Students Organized for Change.  She says Americans are fed-up.

Anderson says her group at SCSU has about 25 members, but they're signing-up fellow students all week and organizing carpools.

Movement organizers say they're protesting Wall Street, corporations, the U.S. Government, and political parties.

New York Police released this You Tube video of protestors trying to cross the Brooklyn Bridge on Sunday. There were more than 700 arrests.