ST. CLOUD -- You can learn more this weekend about the country hosting the upcoming Olympic games.

President of the Korean Student Association at St. Cloud State University Hyun Kyung Jung says she’s excited that the 2018 Winter Olympics are taking place in South Korea.

"Economically it's going to benefit us too. And hopefully, the players are going to do really great jobs. It's an opportunity to show the globe that we have these people, they work really hard, and they're really great. So I guess it will be an opportunity to show a variety of sides and perspectives about Korea."

Jung says the Winter Olympics will be another opportunity to show off her home country to the world. However, with tensions high on the peninsula with North Korea's nuclear testing, Jung is often asked about the situation.

"The friends and family that I know, they always worry about me. They always ask how are my parents and if I'm scared of the nuclear testing. Surprisingly people in [South] Korea really don't care that much about it, since it's been over 60 years since we started [to] break."

Jung says people in South Korea surprisingly don’t care as much about North Korean affairs as some think because of how long ago they split, and they’re busy living their own lives.

The club is hosting their Korean Culture Night Saturday at 6:00 p.m. in the Atwood Memorial Center. Over 100 people have helped with the cultural night to bring you live performances, drawings, and plenty of Korean Food.

Tickets are $10 at the door, $8 for SCSU students, and $6 for kids under the age of twelve.

Story was written by WJON Intern Jacob Lundy