ST. CLOUD - Counseling services are being offered this week for St. Cloud State University students in the wake of Saturday night's attack at the Crossroads Mall.

John Eggers is the Director of SCSU Counseling and Psychology Services. He says the students have had concerns about their safety, as well as some thoughts about other traumatic events. But, he says they've also had empathy for others impacted.

The students I've talked to, it was a consistent desire to understand that our culture is diverse. And, they appreciate that and they actually voiced empathy for someone in the Muslim community who may feel less welcome because of this incident.

He says you need to give yourself time to heal.

Depending on your experiences and how close you were to the trauma, it may be just a night or two. But, it may be a couple of weeks.  So it's important to understand that your body and mind has been through a traumatic event and you need time to rebound.

Eggers advice is to talk about what happened and what your concerns are. He says you need to accept that you will feel unsettled for a period of time.