ST. CLOUD - District 742 superintendent Willie Jett received high marks from the school board for his one year evaluation.

The board says the review unanimously concluded that Willie Jett has been an exceptional superintendent and that they are fortunate to have him as a leader. Board Chair Jerry Von Korff says Jett also increased district interaction with the community.

The review highlighted some of Jett's first year accomplishments:

  • Improving the financial condition of the district, putting money towards addressing class size relief.
  • Leading two school board retreats to focus attention on learning objectives.
  • Putting in more english language learning programs.
  • Putting nearly one-million dollars towards the iPad program for middle schools.
  • Hiring a team of architects to design Technical High School
  • Putting in a new principal induction program.
  • Jett was also praised for leading the response to the destruction of the Roosevelt Childhood Center.

Jett started as superintendent in 2013 and was previously involved in the St. Paul school district. Von Korff says Jett also does a great job holding the board accountable.

"The board senses that Superintendent Jett now feels fully comfortable that the board will support his executive leadership," the report concludes.