FOLEY -- The mayor of Sauk Rapids has pleaded guilty to driving drunk following a February crash and failed breath test.

48-year-old Brad Gunderson pleaded guilty today to one count of driving under the influence and was immediately sentenced on the charge.

Gunderson was sentenced to a year in jail and a $3,000 fine. He must serve 15 days in jail, pay $900 of the fine and be on probation for up to six years. Gunderson must also abstain from alcohol, pay for the damaged street sign and trash container and attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving victim impact meeting.

Gunderson was accused of driving drunk and crashing his SUV into some trash cans and a street sign in February. The Minnesota State Patrol says a urine test indicated Gunderson's blood alcohol level was 0.26, more than twice the legal limit.

Gunderson is a Metro Bus driver who was put on administrative leave after the incident. He is now prohibited from working at Metro Bus for at least three years.

Gunderson says he has no intention of stepping down as Sauk Rapids mayor.