SAUK RAPIDS - Sauk Rapids Mayor Brad Gunderson apologized for his actions, then faced his critics this (Monday) evening.

Gunderson made his first public appearance since his arrest for an alleged DWI, during the Sauk Rapids City Council meeting.  Tensions were high, and emotions were strong.

During the Mayor's Communications portion of the meeting, Gunderson apologized for his actions on Sunday that led to his arrest.  He says he's truly embarrassed by his actions, and the ordeal has been hard on him, his children, and his wife.  He also thanked those who have sent their letters and emails of encouragement.

It was then the resident's turn to give their input, during the Audience participation portion of the meeting.  Six residents spoke, all calling for the mayor's resignation.  Michael Walls said "nothing short of your resignation will do".  Jane Wimmer said she's "thankful that you didn't kill anybody".  Merle Gales is a Metro Bus driver of 36 years, he said "we are held to a higher standard of .04, not .08".

Council Member Kurt Hunstiger then called for the city staff to draft a resolution expressing the council's dissatisfaction with the mayor's actions.  The council agreed, and a resolution will be drafted.

After the council meeting, we asked Mayor Gunderson for a comment, which he declined.