SARTELL -- The community was invited to attend the second annual Education Done Differently event Thursday night at Sartell Middle School.

Teachers and students from kindergarten through 12th grade gave presentations showing how technological advances in the recent years have aided students in the classroom.

Sartell Instructional Technology Specialist Brad Scherer says the event gives students a fun chance to be in the spotlight.

"We really wanted the students to be showcased," Scherer says. "To show [what the students] can do now because of the technology."

"You give [students] a chance to showcase what they've learned in a different format and they get really excited so it's been a really great opportunity for our kids."

Scherer says the event also serves as a valuable chance to show gratitude towards the community for the support needed in order to keep up with technological standards.

"We want our schools to be welcoming and open to [show thanks] for the supportive community that we have," Scherer says.

"We just want to invite that community in and say 'thank you and look what you're allowing us to do'."


Photo by Isaac Schweer, WJON