ELSA device

SARTELL - A mobile device used for language interpretation is now being used by the Sartell Police Department.

Police will use the device to break the language barrier for any non-english speaking citizens. The device uses cellular technology to connect directly with interpreters in 180 languages. Sartell Police Chief Jim Hughes says language barriers are something the department runs into often.

The enabling language service anywhere (ELSA) device is developed for use by police and can also be used by first responder medical units.

The device is a light weight, hands free and can be worn by an officer in their uniform. Officers press a button and the call is directed to a live interpreter within seconds. Hughes says the device is small and convienient to use.

The ELSA also comes with directional microphones, so they can also be used in situations where officers need to maintain a safe distance from the person they are talking to.