SARTELL -- It's a changing of the guard within Sartell city hall.

Joe Perske has worked hard for the city he's loved the last four year, but starting January 1st his time as mayor comes to an end.

"I've always tried to get a good balance between having the amenities we want in town while keeping the property taxes as low as possible," says Perske.

Perske decided not to seek re-election but instead run for congress, which he lost last month. He says their are many events that stick out in his mind during his time as mayor.

"The major event we had happen was of course the Paper Mill explosion, and the addition of Pinecone Central Park was tremendous," says Perske.

He says he has done his best to help grow Sartell and hopes that growth continues with things like a library.

"I'm hoping that's finally going to become a reality because people have been waiting for a library for about 20-25 years," says Perske.

Perske feels he has left a memorable legacy during his time as mayor and as for what the future holds.

"I don't think my political career is over, I have a few miles left in my so we will see where it takes me," says Perske.

Sarah Jane Nicoll will replace Perske as mayor beginning the first of the year.


Joe Perske sits down and talks about his time as Mayor of Sartell. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)