SARTELL -- With talks between the Great River Regional Library Branch and the Sartell City Council coming to a standstill, many residents wonder where do they go from here?

Sartell Friends of the Library spokesperson Nancy Van Erp says while talks have halted, they are still hopeful a GRRL Branch will come to Sartell.

"We need to keep doing all we can so hopefully the city council will make a commitment in time, that will include dollars and space, so we can get the library we will take advantage of and grow from," says Van Erp.

GRRL Board President Mark Bromenschenkel says the board does support a library branch in Sartell, but the current community center site is not an option.

Community center plans have the city creating a 2,100 square foot "learning and innovation center," which is different than a library branch.

Van Erp says while they are not opposed to the community center, they fear they are not getting the library tax payers voted on.

"There is just nothing like a community library. There is no way to measure the value of having one and what it can do for our community," says Van Erp.

The Great River Regional Library has discussed the possibility of bringing a branch to either city hall, Bernicks Arena or other sites.

Van Erp says many residents are fearful the longer discussions are dragged out the greater their chances of not having a library in Sartell.

"Will we be at a disadvantage to other communities, absolutely and it's sad. It's sad to even think about but we are going to stay hopeful," says Van Erp.

Last month, the city council voted to end any library talks as a council until Great River Regional Library has finished their assessment plan.