SARTELL - Sartell Fitness-The Shake Shoppe is closing its doors in a few weeks.

Owner Stuart Swenson says the gym is closing because he signed a lease with Dollar Tree. He says the gym will sell off its equipment later this month.

"We are going to sell all of the equipment and basically let people lay claim and decide who's getting what."

Sartell Fitness occupies 5,000 feet in the strip mall, Swenson says Dollar Tree will take over the building and an additional 5,000 feet in the vacant space next door.

The gym will be closing the week of June 22nd. Sartell Fitness is at 1090 2nd Street South.

Swenson says anyone interested in buying equipment can come to the gym and claim an item to bid on in a few weeks.

"It's basically going to be like a silent auction, people can come in and put their name on the equipment that they want and what they're willing to pay for it."

For more on Sartell Fitness, visit their website.