SARTELL -- What to do with the limited parking near Bernick's Arena continues to be brought to the table.

The Sartell City Council continued discussion this evening (Monday) on the possibility of adding an additional 208 parking spaces in the open field directly in front of the arena.

Two weeks ago the council asked staff to come up with a proposed plan that would create the addition parking space which would somehow be constructed during the second phase of the Pinecone Road construction in 2017.

However the preliminary work needed to be done to the site has staff concerned financially.

City Engineer Mike Nielson says the amount of work for soil borings, storm water run off testing and other test would have the estimated cost to exceed $25,000.

He adds that pairing the project with the any part of the Pinecone Road Project would not be as cost saving as previously thought.

After hearing staff remarks, the council agreed to follow their recommendation to delay engineering work until more overall site concepts are discussed.

A plan could be brought back to the council for discussion as early as June.

Proposed parking lot expansion design for Pinecone Regional Parks. (Photo: Sartell City Hall)