SARTELL -- Dog owners in Sartell will now face a limit on how many they can have in their home.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting a public hearing was held to change the Animal Control Ordinance for homeowners will multiple dogs.

The current ordinance allows for three dogs in one home with the possibility of up to five dogs with a kennel permit, which several members of the council felt was too many.

Council member Steve Hennes says he has noticed a large increase in the number of dogs in the city. He says having a strict two dog limit is enough and an exception to the rule would cause a slippery slope and put too much of a burden to the staff.

Several council members agreed with Hennes, while others felt there are certain circumstances where more than two dogs may be allowed (blended families, military leave).

After further discussion the council voted 3-2 to approve a strict two dog limit to the Animal Control Ordinance.

The amended ordinance would allow families who currently have three dogs to be grandfathered in, however the dogs must already be licensed.