SARTELL -- With an increase number of calls for service, the Sartell Police Department is looking to add additional staff to their department in 2018.

During Monday's city council meeting, Sartell officials will present the preliminary budget for upcoming year.

The police department is looking to hire a full time patrol officer, a third Sergeant position and a Community Service Officer. Police Chief Jim Hughes says due to the increase in demand, they plan to hire the full time officer later this fall.

"We have a need for that patrol officer earlier, the city council understands that. The patrol officer position will be put on later this fall with an internal officer we have in a community service role currently."

The additions to the department would bring the total number of licensed officers to 20. Hughes says the extra staff will help balance out many of their calls for service.

"We're getting a lot more priority calls for service, which require two or more officers, and we still want to be proactive and patrol the community. So by adding another officer we hope to offset some of these multiple officer calls for service."

Hughes says they are also in the early stages of planning for a joint public safety facility between the police and fire departments, which could happen in the next several years.

The 2018 projections have the preliminary budget at about $6.99-million. City Administrator Mary Degiovanni says there is an increased tax rate of 1.6 percent, which would increase property taxes about $15 per year on a $250,000 home.

The final budget won't be approved until December.