HOLLYWOOD - A Royalton native, and former St. Cloud State University student, is a cast member on a new show on NBC TV.

Daniel Sutton is listed as one of 16 "Contestants" competing for $500,000 on a new show called "Siberia". Sutton's bio on the NBC website says he was born in 1985, grew-up in Royalton, and attended SCSU for graphic design.  He eventually moved to Hollywood to give acting a try.

But, it's important to know it's a scripted show, that's meant to look like a reality show.  It's set in Siberia, Russia, but internet reports indicate it was actually shot in Manitoba, Canada.

The Premise: 16 cast members are dropped off in remote Siberia.  Whoever doesn't drop out at the end of the winter will share the $500,000 prize.  Again, it's a scripted show, so producers will actually determine what happens.

The debut episode aired on Monday with Sutton hurting his ankle.  He had to be helped by another cast member to get to their camp. NBC re-aired the pilot episode last (Friday) night.