ROYALTON - Starting this year, students at Royalton High School will no longer be graded for completing homework.

This will be the first year of the new policy. Royalton High School Principal Joel Swenson says that homework scores often don't reflect a students understanding of the material.

Students will not be awarded credit for homework assigments, instead they will primarily be graded on tests, quizzes and projects. Swenson says grading homework can develop a compliance attitude toward schoolwork and can cloud what students know and understand.

Homework will now be called "Practice" for students at Royalton. Swenson stresses that it will still be crucial for students to practice what they're learning every day.

Even though it won't be graded, daily assignments will still be handed out to students. One of the challenges for the school will be convincing kids to work hard on their homework, even if it isn't graded.

Swenson says the process will be an adjustment and learning experience for everyone in the school. He adds that reception for the new grading policy has been very positive from both parents and teachers.