COLD SPRING -- A program to help working class families in the Rocori School District is set to start this fall. The "Wrap-Around Care" program is geared towards families with preschool aged children.

Community Education Director Stephanie Hillman says scheduling conflicts often make drop off and pick up difficult for working class families within the district, and this new program aims to alleviate that issue for preschool students, whom were not included in the districts "Kid Stop" program.

"The addition of the Wrap-Around Care allows them to drop off early and essentially have care throughout the day"

Hillman says this does not replace their "Kid Stop" program, as the Wrap-Around program is designed for younger, preschool aged children.

The start up cost for this program will be kept within the Community Education budget, while other costs such as staffing will be covered by payments from the families who choose to use it.

Hillman says they intend to have Wrap-Around Care throughout the entire year once implemented.