COLD SPRING - The ROCORI school district is hoping they can start school before Labor Day in the fall.

Labor Day lands on September 7th this year, which is the latest it can land. ROCORI Superintendent Scott Staska says the district made a request to the state to start on September 1st, but is now in limbo due to a recent veto by Governor Mark Dayton.

"In the legislative session in the omnibus bill there is a provision for us to start on September 1st, unfortunately that whole bill was vetoed by the governor so we're still hanging in limbo on that question."

Staska says if the district starts school on the 8th, it would also throw off their calendar break schedule.

"With such a late start our calendar gets so tight during the rest of the school year, there really are no breaks and as the year goes on it builds tensions and it's really not a relaxing year that way."

ROCORI is still holding out for legislative authorization or permission from the Minnesota Department of Education to start on September 1st. If no action is taken, they will need to start school on the 8th.

The St. Cloud area school district was granted permission from the state earlier this year to start on August 31st. The Sartell and Sauk Rapids-Rice school districts are starting after Labor Day.