ST. CLOUD -- A Walker man now faces a first-degree murder charge after a Stearns County grand jury indicted him with the charge in the October 21st shooting of Jeffrey Schutz.

Marcus Barshaw is accused of shooting and killing the 30-year-old Schutz after an argument at his Rockville home. Records show Schutz was shot six times, but may have been fired upon eight or more times.

Barshaw then fled the scene on foot and was found hiding with a handgun and an assault rifle in a nearby apartment building laundry room. Barshaw was then shot three times by Stearns County Sheriff's deputies after he refused to drop the guns, and even raised one of the weapons toward police.

Barshaw was hospitalized for treatment of his injuries before being taken into custody on a second-degree murder charge. A grand jury indictment is needed to charge someone with first-degree murder in Minnesota.

The grand jury also charged Barshaw with second-degree murder, second-degree assault with a dangerous weapon and use of deadly force against a peace officer.

Barshaw is in court this morning to face the grand jury's indictment.