ALBANY - This week's All-Star Student of the Week started the Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign in Albany at the local grocery store. Spencer Linn was even recognized as the Salvation Army Youth Volunteer of the Year.

Spencer with Volunteers
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

"That was just awesome. It's such a good feeling to be recognized, and I had no intention that I was ever going to be recognized for it", says Spencer, "That's not what the goal was at all. It was just more of bringing that to Albany. That just came from wanting to have that bell ringer outside our door here."

That's what Spencer did, and is doing once again this year. In fact, Teals in Albany is one of the first Teals to work with the Salvation Army.

Last year they raised over $3,000 for the Salvation Army. This year Spencer says the bar has been raised, and $6,000 is the new goal.  So far he, and the rest of the volunteers are off to a good start.

We're already past that $3,000 mark. It's only been three weeks now since we've kicked it off here, and it's just cool to see how that all went.

The Red Kettle can be found at Teals in Albany.
(Photo: Joshua Akkerman, WJON)

Spencer says the way the community came together inspired him to continue the campaign into this year. He added little kettles at each check out to maximize the donations. Teal's even threw a kickoff event at the beginning of the campaign. Spencer says the community is happy to have the Bell Ringers and the Red Kettle in Albany.

"It was really cool being inside the store and working, because I got so many comments and feedback. If I was cashiering, or running around the store, and then getting a quick compliment. That's really what made it. It was just so awesome how the community supported it", says Spencer.

Spencer, a senior at Albany High School, is already looking to next year to keep the campaign going. This year he selected to co-chairs from Albany High School, and is teaching them the ropes so they can continue the campaign next year.

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